Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving in our new house with my side of the family! It was so much fun to host since I can now finally use all of the things that have been in boxes for YEARS since we didn't have the room in our townhouse. Every year, Chris and I have been alternating where we go for Thanksgiving because the year we tried to fit both in only left us feeling disgusting and completely exhausted from all of the eating (TWO FULL MEALS) and driving.

Unfortunately, Uncle Timmy couldn't make it as he lives in North Carolina, and Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristine had to work later in the day, so we made dinner for 1pm. I put Colin down for an early nap since he was up late last night and still got up at his normal time. When he did get up, he was a little bit groggy and enjoyed snuggling.

It's funny how life comes full circle as I have spent 28 years (give or take a few at the end) eating my mom's or relatives delicious turkey dinners and now I was the one making it! The process went a lot smoother than I expected and I had most of the sides made this morning so that all I had to do was heat them up prior to dinner. I just loved the way our table and dining room looked all set up.

This picture is from Halloween, but when we were taking our pictures today we didn't get one of Colin and Nana and Grandad for some reason!

After dinner, and after Pat and Kristine left, we went for a walk around the neighborhood to walk off our full bellies and to give Colin some fresh air. He just loves walking around in his wagon!

I had a quick opportunity to get Colin with his Mickey Ears on from disney before he pulled them off. I would LOVE to get a video of him dancing to his favorite song with his ears on, but I'm not so sure that will happen anytime soon...

It was a great start to the holiday season to cook such a yummy meal and to have most of my family together (missed you Tim!). I feel that my Mom taught me well (I still called her this morning asking so thanks for all of the great advice! Looking forward to the rest of the holiday season!


Nana said...

It was a fantastic dinner and we had lots of fun!!!! Love, Nana

Adrienne said...

Everything looked beautiful Kelli! I'm sure the food was great too;) Congrats on hosting your first Thanksgiving, not an easy task, we've only done it twice in 10 years I think, too much pressure for me!

Jana said...

Colin is so Cute with those ears on !! Hope you have a great Happy Thanksgiving !

Natalia said...

What a wonderful day!!! Congrats on your first "Thanksgiving" in your new home! :)

Love you! xoxo