Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 11-11!

Today is a very special day of the year for's my day to say thank you for all of those special people in my life who are on this journey with me. There is a story to this day that made it what it is now, (click here for the story) but it's my way to take a step back and be appreciative for all that I have.

Thank you to all my blog friends out there for helping me along the way...for being there for me and my family through all of our ups and downs. We love sharing this journey with you!

Thank you to my family and friends, and most especially, to my husband and special little boy. I am thankful for all of you...I love you! xoxox

I hope you all have had a wonderful 11-11 :)


Kevin (Seans Dad) said...

You've told me the story and it gets to me everytime. I actually remembered before I saw your comment on FB. I hope it was a special day for you again!

Tiny Huna said...

You became a sister to me during that time. I watched your young, innocent character become strong and meaningful as you stood by Rob. It was an amazing thing to see your commitment to him, to school, to us. Something I will never forget! You have taught me so much Kelli. You are a wonderful writer :)


Team Carter Jay said...

I just read your story about Rob,and wow! It's amazing where this journey of life leads us. <3 you!