Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanskgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a great day to be thankful for so many things....I am so incredibly thankful for a beautiful family in Chris and Colin with #2 on the way, a new beautiful home to celebrate in, and loving and supportive friends and families!

This Thanksgiving though, I want to use the idea that so many of my blog friends have used and list the 21 things that I love about Colin...

1. I love the way that he is so loving he will give kisses out to anyone and everyone. At school, they have been telling us that he goes around the room and gives out kisses to all of the little girls. Most especially, I love when you are sitting with him or holding him and out of the blue, unprompted, he will lean over and give you the cutest little smooch.

2. The fact that he has different laughs for different things, with the most hearty one being the one that shows all of his teeth with the cutest little grin ever.

3. much he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and no fail, will dance to the opening and closing song every. single. time. He will imitate all of Mickey's moves now from the arms swinging side to side to putting them up high in the air.

4. ...when you put him in bed at night now he is just ready to go and follows his same routine. Then, we read a book, I rock him for a minute or two and then he is basically diving into the crib because he just wants to lay down. We hand him Mickey Mouse and he immediately starts rubbing his ear with his little pointer finger, we put his blanket on, and by the time we are done with that he is all puckered up waiting for us to give him a kiss.

5. ...that after going to only 2 of Chris' basketball games he already loves being there and I can just see him "growing up" in the gym. He crawls all over the place, loves saying hi to different people, and claps and cheers in all of the right places.

6. ...the reaction that he gives you when you pick him up from school at the end of the day. It does not matter what kind of day I have had, when i walk around the corner and he sees me, his face lights up and he comes commando crawling over to see me with a big smile on his face.

7. ...the fact that he actually makes me enjoy grocery shopping (I know!). He loves sitting in that cart being able to swing his legs and he waves hi! to almost every person that we pass by. He has now distracted the deli counter girls so much that 2 of them will leave their post mid-slice to come over and say hi to him every time we see them.

8. much he loves being in the bath and swimming now. He has no problem sticking his face in the water, blowing bubbles and splashing all over the place. He is at the point now where he basically cries when it is time to get out.

9. ...singing with him in the car because if the right music is playing, he will sway his shoulders side to side to the beat, pump his arms up and down (2 handed fist pump) and tries to "sing".

10. ...when Colin sits on the floor or in his car seat he crosses his legs indian style...cutest thing ever.

11. ...when he crawls through the house you always know he is coming because he laughing and yelling the whole way. Between the yelling and the commando crawling, you sometimes feel like you are under attack.

12. ...when he plays with his blocks, he will dump them out of the buckets and then put the buckets on his head, and sit there.

13. ...the way he talks to himself in the mirror, he just loves that little guy in there!

14. easy going he is. He will go anywhere, forgo a nap, and still be the happiest little guy.

15. ...the way he gives out a hug. Colin squeezes and pats you on the back just the way you are supposed to and it is the best feeling.

16. he hides toys under furniture and in cracks and puts things out of reach on tables, chairs and the like. My slippers are STILL missing...

17. hard he is working to pull himself up to stand. He grunts and moans to get up now and gets frustrated when he can't grab on to something to do it.

18. much he loves his daddy. There is just something about his daddy...

19. he will blow raspberries on my stomach now. I'm not sure if he knows there is a baby in there or not, but he sure acts like it sometimes!

20. he has "introduced" me to so many blog friends out there. I'm thankful for all of you!

21. he has changed my life. I love you Colin!

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