Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I Would have Told Myself...

Today was one of those days where I had lots of advice for the parents that we were when we found out Colin had Down syndrome. Today was one of those days that Colin made me get all teary eyed because I was so proud of him. Back then I was so worried about what the future would hold. It's natural, but we couldn't stop thinking about when and how Colin would do things.

If I could go back, based on what I know now 18 months in, I would tell myself to push through the first year because it would get easier. I would remind myself to be patient because there would come a time when Colin would go through an explosion of aquiring skills. I would tell myself that there would be good days and bad days (I mean, we all have those anyway!) but Colin would never stop pushing as long as we didn't stop pushing him. I am optimistic about the future because it holds so much for colin.

These are the little things that happened today that made me wish I could go back and give myself advice...

- Colin only drank one bottle today because he did so well with the straw during dinner.
- He was excited to see his OT, Miss Regina today (I love how comfortable he is with ALL of his therapists).
- He pulled himself up to stand at the side of the tub (check out the video below!).
- He added 2 more signs to his vocabulary this week and has almost acquired a 3rd!
- He is communicating more and more.
- He is creative (hiding toys and shoes and "stuff" all over the flip flops are currently under the heating vents by the front door).
- He is loving.

The 1st video is of Colin drinking so well from the straw (probably a good 2-3 ounces!). When I finally starting video taping, he started showing off by spitting some back out, but he wasn't spitting any out to start!

This 2nd video is Colin trying to get in the tub. I originally brought him in the bathroom and was about to start undressing him when he pulled himself right up to the side and tried to dive right in. We finally started the video on the 2nd or 3rd attempt. It was so funny. We got a great video of him "swimming" in the tub, but I'm afraid to post it on here since there were lots of tushy shots in it. It was so cute though!


Nana said...

Well this was a toss up between crying or laughing more! I was listening to Sugar Land that Aunt Kimmy had DVR'd on Ellen and looking at your accomplishments!! You are such a big boy! I love you lots!! Love, Nana

Rochelle said...

Great post Kelli! Hopefully some newly diagnosed family will read this and it will give them a little more peace.

Suze said...

I loved watching him try to climb into the tub! Tommy tried doing that into the baptismal font at church on Sunday (which happens to have a "floor" pool - not someone with kids designed). I hope Colin will be at the parade on Friday at school!!!

Jenny said...

I really loved this post. I loved hearing what you would tell yourself back then...Makes me realize that everything is really going to be ok...Thank you :)