Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Angel?

I can assure you that this cute little angel.... not an angel ALL of the time. In fact, today when I got to Colin's school to pick him up his teacher Miss Stacey gave me the look. You know, the one that hints at the fact your child was not a good little boy that day?

Yep, I got it. This "angel" was wreaking havoc on the poor kids eating breakfast this morning. Since he figured out that he can start to pull himself up on the small kids table, he decided to pull up, grab someone's breakfast, and then toss it to the floor.

Miss Stacey was not happy about this. So, she took Colin away from the scene of the crime, moved him away to the other side of the room and started to clean up the mess. Low and behold, not 5 minutes later, she heard something crash to the floor. Apparently, Colin crawled back over, pulled up again, grabbed poor Tommy's breakfast (sorry Suze that my kid was stealing your kids breakfast) and threw it on the floor.

Oh Colin, what ever am I going to do with you?

But guess what? He's starting to pull up!! :)


Natalia said...

LOL I love it! (Even though I know he's being a naughty little boy, it's great he's pulling up like that! GO COLIN!!!)

Suze said...

LOL!!!! That is SO funny! Tommy has swiped some breakfasts off the table himself, so it's all fair in love and food! I bet he'll soon be swiping stuff AND putting it in his mouth from the other kids' plates! He's being such a BOY, and I love it! And you know Tommy and Colin are probably thick as thieves in there as the only boys! I hear they have all the ladies wrapped around their fingers!

Rochelle said...

Yeah Colin, maybe he was just trying to let that other kid know his breakfast wasn't nutritionally sound. LOL

Nana said...

Oh I got a great chuckle about that! He is on the move!! Love, Nana

Kelly said...

Oh, you have one of those too?!! We are just breaking ALL kinds of stereotypes now!!

BUT.....HE IS STARTING TO PULL UP!!!! Isn't that ALL that matters...really??!!

YAY for you Colin=) Keep up the good work!! (yes, I am applauding him.....after all, he already received his consequences at school! Moving onward & upward...literally) lol

Team Carter Jay said...

Go Colin Go!! Pulling up automatically pardons him from the crime, doesn't it?!

jjpsmommy07 said...

OOPS! But AWESOME! Way to go Colin!!!

Jennie said...

Our favorite PT in Wisconsin, who we haven't seen for a year... :-( ... used to say "aren't we all just so excited for 'age-appropriate behavior?'" LOL
Micah pitched an hour-long fit the other night with Mark. He screamed the whole time they were at the PARK (he loves the park) because he wasn't allowed to watch Blues Clues prior to departure for the park. Awesome! We have a true 2-yr-old!!!