Sunday, October 17, 2010

Special Visit

What a great way to wrap up our weekend with a visit from Uncle Timmy! He flew up from North Carolina for the weekend, so we all headed into the city to visit. Unfortunately, Uncle Pat couldn't make it because he had to work, but we had a great time visiting. We haven't seen Uncle Timmy since he came up in the summer so it was nice to have a special visit.
Colin was really happy to see Uncle Timmy and spend some time with him...

THIS little boy was such a flirt in the restaurant! There was a very pretty waitress from Russia working there and Colin was incessantly waving and smiling at her. We even caught him blowing some kisses her way. She finally came over and you could tell that Colin was smitten, especially when she started speaking to him in Russian. It was adorable and there was only one way to sum it up...he was in love.

Since it was Colin's 1st time in NYC, we had to get a classic picture in Times Square together...What a great way to end the weekend!


Rebecca said...

These pictures are nice. Looks like a fun time. Love the classic time square pic. First time in NYC? Wow! Cool. Colin is definitely a ladies man :) He is way too adorable to not charm everyone he meets.

Emily said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Justin does the same thing... our boys sure know how to throw on the charm!