Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeding Frustrations

It's no secret that Colin has feeding issues...I have vented and complained many times on here before.

Sometimes, it's just. so. hard. because it doesn't feel like we are making headway.

But, I WILL say that I can look back over the past 17 months and see the challenges that Colin has overcome. They are big challenges that he successfully conquered. I know this stage is another challenge to overcome, but it honestly feels the longest.

Challenges overcome:
* When Colin was born, we couldn't leave the hospital until he drank a whole 2 ounces. I can remember vividly being so excited when he finally drank an ounce!

* When we brought him home, we had to count every last cc to make sure he was drinking enough through the day. This included waking him up at night to feed him.

* It was a challenge to find a nipple that worked (we ended up with the nuk crooked nipple).

* Transitioning from stage 2 to stage 3 foods was horrible. All he did was blow raspberries to get the chunks out of his mouth. He refused to eat stage 3s for the longest time.

* I didn't think he would ever eat table food. As long as it's chopped up pretty small, he will eat most of our food aside from anything that has a solid, crunch texture. He won't even let those foods near his mouth.

Current Challenges:
* I don't think he chews food at all. If you ask him to "chew", he gnaws for a minute with his mouth open and then moves it around to swallow.

* He knows how to drink from the straw, but the only straw he is succesfull with is a skinny funny shaped straw...when he wants to be successful. He won't hold a cup himself to drink from the straw (especially since the skinny funny shaped straws only fit in an open cup). If he doesn't feel like it, the milk just falls out of his mouth.

* He will not self feed with his fingers. He will use his pincer grip for objects, but he will not use his pincer grip for food. He just won't. No way, no how. (However, he does pretty well with helping to feed himself using a spoon).

* Even if he has had the food before, he usually spits it out first and won't eat until after many attempts (although, I've heard this is pretty common with kids in general).

Yep, we practice. We try. I have spent at least $100 in various cups with different straws, textures, shapes and sizes. We use a sensory brush on his hands. We show him how to chew. He gets therapy for these areas. And yet, I just feel like we have stalled on the side of the road with no one is site to help out., that was a bit dramatic wouldn't you say? I just want to make progress because it is frustrating. I know that he will, and I know it may take time, but it's hard.

Ok, just wanted to get that out there...thanks for listening.


Nana said...

Hang in there! I know it's tough but the three of you work hard together and some day soon he'll be doing all of that independently. You guys are amazing!! Keep it up! Love, Mom/Nana

Becca said...

I sympathize with you *completely.* All of those challenges you have had and currently have with Colin sound exactly like the ones we had with Samantha, even down to the counting-every-ounce of milk she drank. Just know this, it WILL pass!! Samantha didn't really fully chew her food until she was 2, and even then still occasionally tried to swallow things without chewing, so we had to cut things into teeny tiny bites. We're still scarred for life about that, and are still super-paranoid, to the point of not letting anyone else feed her most of the time. And the stage 3s? Yep, big raspberries to spit it all out. Still won't open her mouth to something she hasn't tried and established that she likes before, so she still has a rather limited palate. But it is all a gazillion times better. Hang in there!!!

randy said...

Just a hug - no advice - no trying to make light by teasing you about being a worry wart mom (I warned you about that unavoidable aspect of parenthood - which does NOT come with an expiration date). You, Chris, your family and team of experts are doing everything and MORE for Colin - and you KNOW that all necessary skills/tasks will happen AND you even "appreciate and acknowledge" that it is just not according to YOUR mom wish list time frame....But maybe it is ok for me to remind you how much EXTRA CREDIT Colin gets for cuteness and those unlimited kissy faces!

Hang in there Kelli and try not to foget that baby number 2 is already "sharing" in your energy....Happy Colin weekend with no expectations - then most likely your kid will WOW you...they NEVER (usually) do what you want - when you want it!!! XXOO-Love, Randy

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli,
I just stumbled on your blog and I'm so glad I did!!! I was just about to give up on looking at other's blogs because they were just stressing me out to see how well other kids are doing.

My guy, Nate, is 21 months old and I am dealing with the same stuff! Maybe we can email each other and try to help support each other with ideas and encouragement!

Let me know if you're interested!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

I hear you! It's good to get it out there and off your chest. Colin certainly has made huge improvements in his 17 months and he will make many more. Continue having patience and he will eventually come out of the plateau that he is on and surprise the heck out of you. I know it is hard, but you are doing great!

Melissa M said...

I remember counting every cc, and stressing about it, before Claire's OHS. Feeding issues seem to be common, but that doesn't make them any easier. I love all the improvements Colin has made though!