Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31 for 21: Day 12

I don't have that much to talk about tonight, but I DID want to mention that Chris and I are so proud of Colin and his accomplishments during therapy lately. It's funny how much is changed because I used to worry about the goals we set and making sure Colin was accomplishing them (checking the "plan" regularly).
However, even though I have his goals in the back of my mind, I don't harp on them anymore. I see Colin's improvements on a weekly basis and I know that he is working hard. I don't stress as much (I always stress about things lol) about how many "exercises" we accomplish in a day because even through his play, he is working on his goals.
So, this is a pictures and video overload post for your viewing pleasure, focused on the things Colin is working on during his therapies (Developmental therapy, Occupational, Physical and speech).
Working with the tunnel...

Colin's imitation has been taking off lately and we are so happy with it!


jjpsmommy07 said...

Gotta love the tunnel! Best thing we invested in, Jonathon learned how to crawl very quickly after our tunnel purchase. Go Colin! He is such a ham!!!!

Erin said...

Ooo, that tunnel looks fun! Colin is adorable, love the videos!

Rochelle said...

Do I say this everytime? Oh my goodness he is so adorable!