Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Physical Therapy Update!

Colin had a physical therapy session today with Miss K and fortunately I was able to be there! It has been almost 3 weeks because Miss K was finally able to take a vacation to Hawaii which sounded wonderful!

Colin had a really good session today as he showed Miss K some of the new things that he is doing including lifting his legs and starting to touch them, rolling easily from tummy to back, reach and grasping in different planes, attempting to lift himself up from his back on the exercise ball, etc. she was very happy with his progress and we chatted about his ITAP assessment. She was telling us that even though they were expecting him to sit, she is going in a specific progression with him so that he does all of steps with the right form and accomplishes them before moving on.

He was very vocal with her and very happy to see her! More pictures to come this weekend about the new exercises we have to work on!

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