Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Relationships II

Yesterday, I spoke about our great relationship with our pediatrician, which is extremely important when you have a child with special needs. Not only do you need to be an advocate yourself for your child, you also need to have members of a medical staff that will also advocate for them when they are going to school. We are extremely lucky to have this relationship with Colin's pediatrician.

Just as importantly, you need to have a great relationship with your child's therapists...

We are extremely lucky to have such great relationships with Colin's developmental therapist as well as physical therapist. They are both excellent; they are extremely knowledgable in their fields AND they both are extremely caring when they are with him. As you have seen in some of my other posts, Colin works REALLY hard when he is in therapy. If he didn't have such caring therapists, I don't think we would have the positive outcomes that we do.

Today, Colin had his 6 month evaluation with his developmental therapist Miss D. We love her! We are lucky because she is coming from the experience of a therapist as well as a mother of a child with some special needs. Colin smiled for her immediately today which is so nice to see. Based on the scales she was using, Colin falls around 4 months of age developmentally. It was a little bit hard to hear that because overall we think he is doing really well. There are some things that he doesn't do as well which is why he couldn't be scored on those things right now. Miss D reminded us that we need to just focus on the fact that those are things we just need to work more on. We will have Colin's 6 month meeting in a few weeks and we will determine where we need to go from here. Miss D suggested increasing Developmental therapy to once a week, which is also what Miss K suggested for PT. They would like to do this not because they feel is lagging far behind, but to make sure he stays on target. I welcome those changes because it would make me feel better to know that Colin is getting 2 hours a week of structured activities geared towards his needs.

You know you have a great relationship when you can talk openly and candidly with someone. We are lucky to have the therapists we do!

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