Sunday, October 11, 2009

Congratulations Grandad!

We are so proud of Grandad for completing his 1st marathon and running 26.2 miles! He did it in honor of Colin and we are so thankful that he thought of Colin this way.

Here is Colin and Grandad together (Nana and Grandad drove all the way down here from Connecticut just to see Colin!). Even though it was a HUGE accomplishment for Grandad, he gave Colin his medal which Colin is so proudly wearing!

The 2nd picture is a closeup of Colin wearing the medal and his new t-shirt from grandad that says "furture marathon runner". Colin will wear it proudly!

We love you!


Kristin said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. What an accomplishment AND what a great grandad!

Natalia said...

This is SO AWESOME! I'm so proud of your father for completing such a grueling race! But even more so, I am so inspired by his drive and commitment. Way to go, Mr. Williams!

And Colin looks absolutely adorable and VERY PROUD of his grandad too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin! Granddad did it for you!! Love, Nana