Friday, October 2, 2009

31 for 21 Challenge

I recently just discovered that this month is Down Syndrome awareness month and I've decided to take part in the challenge 31 for 21. This challenge is designed to post an entry every day for the 31 days of October about anything your heart desires with the hopes of bringing awareness to Down Syndrome.

I am honored to participate in this challenge because my own awareness of Down Syndrome has significantly changed because of Colin.

When we found out that Colin had Down Syndrome it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. I can still picture myself in the moment when Colin's pediatrician confirmed the diagnosis; where I was sitting, what I was doing, how I told my husband, how I even put the phone down on the couch next to me. I remember feeling like my world was falling apart because I didn't know what we were going to do or what was going to happen to Colin.

One thing I have learned since that day is to take one step at a time…Colin has taught me to slow down and appreciate all of the little milestones along the way that build up to the bigger ones.

I am proud of Colin because he is showing us as his parents, his grandparents, aunt and uncles, friends and other relatives that he is a strong little boy. It’s ok that it takes him a little bit longer to accomplish a task because he will get there. I know that along the way we will have our good moments and not so good ones, but we will stand tall and take them one at a time, hand in hand as any family would.

I also should say that we wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t have the support of our friends and families. Colin is spreading awareness to everyone and we are so thankful that you all are supporting him in your own ways. Thank you for hugs and smiles, love and laughter, meals and babysitting, donations to charities and physical challenges in support of Colin…..

One step at a time…


Natalia said...

girl, i'm so proud of you for taking on this challenge! i know you have very little time with everything you have to do right now, but it does not surprise me ONE BIT that you would commit to something involving your beautiful son. i will be reading your posts daily and look forward to everything you have to and want to say.

love you!!! xoxo

great grammy betty said...

his great grammy loves him so much and I am with you Colin all the way. just remember that God is with you all the way too.