Friday, October 7, 2016

31 for 21 Day 7: Colin is a Brother

Recently in one of my "memories" on Facebook, it reminded me of a post I wrote after Kailey was born about the sibling relationship I was waiting to blossom. After Kailey was born, it actually took a long time before Colin would even acknowledge that she was there. We slowly watched as their relationship developed into one in which they became friends.

After Cody was born, the transition was a lot easier. We have gone through phases where Colin may not be as patient or understanding of some of the things Cody does, but overall, he really cares for his little brother and we often find sweet moments of him helping, or talking to, or just loving, Cody.

Much like any sibling relationship, there are days that are challenging, but there are also many days that make us so happy to watch them interact with each other.

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