Sunday, October 16, 2016

31 for 21 Day 14: Kailey's Fashion Show

Kailey was invited a few months ago to participate in the American Girl Fashion show which has been a fundraiser for Special Olympics New Jersey for 12 years. Kailey was really excited at the prospect of modeling different clothes and so we decided to sign her up and have her participate.

With all of the talks of "walking the runway", Colin was adamant that he participate as well, so the organizers of the event gave him a job of being the greeter and passing out star wands to all of the kids as they arrived to the event.

She was a little nervous in the beginning of the process as she wasn't quite sure what it would involve, but once she had the opportunity to attend the fitting and try on many outfits, the idea really started to grow on her and she was really excited.

We could tell on her first trip down the runway that she was a little nervous/shy because even though she was smiling, her tongue was sticking out in the way it does when she's feeling that way.

However, with each outfit change, we could see her confidence building and by the end, she was strutting her stuff down the runway.

It was fun watching her doing something she enjoyed and knowing that it was also supporting Special Olympics New Jersey in the process.

What a fun morning!

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