Monday, October 17, 2016

31 for 21 Day 15: Colin Attends Church

After years of not attending church other than holidays, Chris and my journey back started just before we were engaged. We were looking for a place that we would feel comfortable in and so one day, we decided to try the "one on the hill" which was close to Chris' apartment at the time. It was right around Christmas time and the church was beautifully decorated. I knew from that first visit that we had found the right place.

Through the years, we then got married there, baptized Chris and Colin, became members of the church and then baptized Kailey and Cody. We were happy with the family we had found and so we continued to involve our kids in other aspects of the church like the nursery, Sunday School and now that Colin is old enough, HillKidz (youth group).

We are so thankful that all members of our family are welcome and included despite some of our differences. People have taken the time to really get to know our family and have accepted all of us for who we are. Sadly, this isn't always the case in many churches. The Sunday School teachers have worked alongside Chris and I to form a place that Colin feels accepted and included and so he has been very successful in the process.

And so many Sundays, you will find this little guy in his pew singing along the best he can as a member of his church family. We are grateful for that...

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