Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 for 21 Day 1: The Good Life

Welcome back to our blog for the annual 31 for 21 challenge in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness month! The goal of this month is to spend 31 days blogging about Colin and the fact he has Down Syndrome as well as to spread awareness and acceptance. In all honesty, this challenge becomes more difficult as the years pass because for the most part, our life really is quite "normal". However, there are some things that we feel are pretty unique to our family because of what Colin's extra chromosome has brought with it. Most especially, we also feel it's important to spend this time showing that Colin really does live the "good life" and we are so proud of him and how far he has come in his 7 years of life. We hope our blog is shared as an example that those with Down Syndrome have meaningful, enriched and fulfilling lives and that they are valuable members of society. In Colin's case, we fight so hard to show that he has every right to be included alongside his typical peers in all aspects of his life. We will spend some time over the next 30 days highlighting Colin's life. We hope you enjoy this time with us!

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