Friday, October 9, 2015

31 for 21 Day 9: Love and Stereotypes

One of the things Chris and I had decided on early on with Colin was that we wanted to make sure we taught him appropriate social interactions with people, especially because of many of the stereotypes surrounding people with Down Syndrome. We felt it was important for Colin to be able to show his love to people in his life that he knew but we wanted to create boundaries for him with those that he didn't. We encouraged hugging when appropriate but also started teaching him handshakes, high fives, and pounds for people he was meeting for the first time. 

We are so proud of the respectful, well mannered little boy we have raised. We really feel he has a nice balance between being affectionate and using alternate methods of greetings like handshakes when appropriate. However, this little guy can give the best hugs and if asked, he has no problem dishing them out! 


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