Wednesday, October 21, 2015

31 for 21 Day 21: Homework

Chris and I chose to retain Colin this year because we felt he would really benefit from another year of the foundations. We also knew that he had grown and changed a lot over the summer so it would be another factor that would allow him to be more successful. I know I haven't talked much about how school is going this year (and I am going to avoid it a little longer, although it is generally going well...we are really happy with many of the changes) but there have been so many areas where we have seen improvement. Tonight when I was sitting with Colin doing his homework, I felt myself relax significantly because he's just grown up so much. It was a simple assignment (and it's reviewing words he already knows) but he was patient and even when he started to get off track was easily redirected. 

It's enjoyable to see how far he's come!


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