Sunday, October 25, 2015

31 for 21 Day 25: Blogging

I have always been a person that cannot hold anything in for very long, good or bad. I feel better when I talk about things and get them off of my chest. When Colin was born and his diagnosis later confirmed, I immediately started doing research online about Down Syndrome. The greatest information I got was not from any specific website, but rather, by reading the blogs written by people who had children with Down Syndrome. It sparked an interest in me and so shortly after, Love for Colin was born. 

The day I created the blog, I thought it was going to be an outlet for me with the purpose of venting about Colin having Down Syndrome. While that does happen on occasion, it ended up becoming a place to share our journey with family and friends and then eventually, with people I had never met before. There have been times when I have been questioned for putting so much out there about our family and I'll admit that there are times that maybe I've shared too much but I am admittedly happy with sharing what I do for a couple of reasons.
#1 It feels good to share (there is something very therapeutic about sharing the good, the bad and everything else in between).
#2 I spread awareness about Down Syndrome.
#3 (and most importantly) I hope that this blog reaches those that need it most just like so many blogs did for me. I hope that someone that sits down to their computer for the first time after receiving a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, stumbles upon Love for Colin and gets a glimpse of our life with Colin. I hope that just maybe, this blog would take away a little bit of the fear that they are feeling and replace it with hope as they start their journey. My life is better because of Colin...

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