Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Continuing to Make Progress

We are so proud of Colin as he continues to make big progress towards eating more variety of foods.  On Saturday, I prepared two of the same plates for Colin and Kailey that consisted of chicken nuggets, applesauce and a string cheese.  The first big step was the fact that he handled having a different plate in front of him instead of his normal bowl of cottage cheese.  I had to coax him a bit, and cheer on Kailey for eating hers to get him to start but once he did he ate all of it except for half of the applesauce.  this was HUGE.  I have been able to take away one meal of cottage cheese (he was eating it three times a day) and replace it with either a different breakfast (pancake), a different lunch (noodles or chicken nugget) or a different dinner (same options). In addition, he ate eggs for his feeding therapist today with strawberries (he typically would only eat them mixed into the cottage cheese).  He's had an explosion of progress!


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