Thursday, February 5, 2015

A (crazy) Day in the Life

Chris is working a little later tonight so earlier in the day when we were texting, he asked me if I would send him pictures throughout the evening of the kids since he wouldn't see them before they went to bed.  On the way to get them, I started thinking it might be funny to highlight what a day of ours looked like.  While today was unique for its own reasons, it's uniqueness is just what we experience on a daily basis.  So, without further ado, a (crazy) day in the life of our family...
I am the first one up every day by 5:30am and am typically followed by Kailey, Colin, Chris and then Cody at various times following.  I get everyone's lunches packed, kids all dressed (takes some creativity every day to get Colin and Kailey to cooperate), myself ready, notes filled out in Colin's notebook, breakfast on the table (with help from Chris who feeds Cody) and then am out the door by 7:20am.  Chris sent me this picture after I left... 

Chris then takes Colin and Kailey outside for the arrival of Colin's bus which comes right around 8am (this was a picture from December when I was still around putting Colin on the bus)...

Chris then takes Cody and Kailey to school and drops them off around 8:30/9am. 

Chris then heads to work and depending on the week, could have anywhere from 1 - 3 late nights a week due to basketball games (tonight is one of those nights).   
Colin took this picture at the game the other day of "Daddy working" (he's on the end of the table in the blue shirt).
I typically get to work by 7:45am and on my early days can leave by 3:10 and my late days leave by 3:45.  I work hard to get everything done while I am there so that I don't have to bring anything home most days. 
This picture is from "bring your child to work day" last year.
 The "crazy" part of my day begins once I get to the daycare to pick up the kids and am usually in a rush when I get there.  Mondays and Thursdays Colin has Karate, Tuesdays he has OT and feeding therapy, and Wednesdays Kailey has dance.  All 3 are on 3 different floors.  After figuring things out the first few days after going back to work, I ended up deciding on going to the top floor for Kailey first, then the main floor for Cody, and then we all head downstairs for Colin.  Since Colin and Kailey did not listen when I said "stop" at the end of the sidewalk, we had to backtrack and "try again" so that they would listen to me.  I got everyone in and buckled for the 1 mile drive to Karate. 

Today was an earlier Karate day than on Mondays which meant I had to feed Cody once we got there.  The ipad was not charged, so I had to keep Kailey from being a distraction to Colin (at one point they kissed each other through the glass).  Today was a challenging day because Colin was in the bigger room with more distractions so he was not as cooperative.  That stressed me out so I was mouthing "be a good listener" through the glass. 

Kailey helped to keep Cody entertained when he was done with his bottle. 

Colin decided to be a very stubborn and resistant little boy at the end of Karate (he kicked the book I was holding and the one I asked him to hold for me) so his teachers stepped in to help me discuss/reprimand/retry his behavior.  That took a solid 10 minutes and one of the teachers finally got him to cooperate.  I got everyone loaded back up in the car again with seatbelts for the 1 mile trip down to Target because there were a few things I needed to get today that couldn't wait. 

Despite multiple attempts telling Kailey to stop blowing rasberries/spitting at Colin, she continued. 

I get everyone unloaded from the car and holding onto Cody's carseat as we walk across the parking lot to the store.  When we get inside, there are no big carts with multiple seats left for the bigger kids so I'm stuck with a normal size cart and walking children (my worst nightmare alone).  Colin wants to help push and Kailey wants to ride on the back. 

As we walk past the card section, I remembered I had signed up for Valentine's stickers for Kailey's class so I stop to pick out a few.  I turn my back for a second and when I look back, Colin is pushing Kailey and Cody down the aisle. 

I run to catch them from going too far, steer them back to the stickers and then remembered I was getting low on diapers and wipes.  We headed over to the baby section, grab those items, and then I totally blanked on why I was there in the first place (what I actually needed).  I texted Chris and asked why I was there, got no response so head over to check out.  Of course, the lady in front of me decided to open a credit card so in the meantime, my kids were laying on the floor making faces in the mirror at the bottom of the next aisle. 

As we are walking to the car, Chris texts me back and reminded me why I actually went (dishwasher cleaner and coffee - we have none of either).  Load everyone back up in the car and start to head home. 

Before we get all strapped in, Colin and Kailey were fighting over who was sitting in each seat and then I had to discuss with Kailey how it's not nice to talk back to me (she wasn't putting her seat belt on and when I rose my voice and said lets go she said "take a chill pill mom, this is ridiculous"). 

Despite the fact the store is 5 minutes down the road, it took almost 15 minutes with all of the lights and traffic. 

For once, Colin and Kailey were making each other laugh hysterically and Cody fell asleep. 

At one point I looked back at a light and Kailey was saying to Colin "listen to me Colin! I need you to hold my hand because I have something important to tell you". 

 Once we got home we had to unload everyone and everything...

Despite the fact Cody was sound asleep, he woke up as soon as I hauled everything in (only one trip because I'm too stubborn to make numerous trips). 

I quickly made Colin and Kailey dinner since it was getting late but Colin had a mini tantrum because he didn't want the noodles I gave him. 

Meanwhile, Cody was screaming because despite the fact he had only finished his bottle an hour before, it was 5:30 which meant he was ready to eat right then. 

I had to cheer for Kailey who was eating fine to get Colin to sit at the table and eat the noodles. 


While Cody's bottle was warming up, I quickly unpacked all of the lunch boxes and sort of put things away. 

Once Cody was done, Colin and Kailey asked for their ice cream so I had to put Cody down (who was not happy about that). 

While Colin and Kailey were watching their show/finishing their ice cream, I quickly gave Cody a bath. 

By 6:30, Cody was ready to go to bed so I had to put a new sheet on the mattress (he wet it the night before) and got him to sleep (this is his classic "I'm tired" pose).   Thankfully, he was out within a few minutes. 

Meanwhile, Colin and Kailey needed a bath which went relatively well. 

They were cooperative when it was time to get out and were happy and cute (for a few moments). 

While I was getting them dried and dressed, Kailey asked me for a kiss and then a "nose kiss".  She then gave Colin one.  I thought it was so cute so I said "wait! do it again for a picture!". 

Colin leaned in for the kiss and then laughed and pushed Kailey into the tub.  She screamed and cried.

I told Colin that wasn't nice and then he cried. 

While they watched their last show, I tackled the day's dishes.

After the show it was teeth and potty time.  Typically we practice Colin's sight words at this time. 

Then I do separate books, prayers and songs with each of them. 

I got Colin settled and walked in to read Kailey her book...

She usually tries to bargain with me at this time but I stood my ground. 

After bedtime, I got myself settled with a glass of wine, the computer, and TV. 

However, an hour and a half after I left Kailey's room, she came walking in the living room....

She had 10 random things to tell me and then I finally got her to back to her room...
And then we do it all again tomorrow! 

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