Sunday, February 22, 2015

2015 Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge

Yesterday was CAT Crew's 6th year participating in the Special Olympics of NJ Polar Bear Plunge and I am so proud to say that it was another incredibly successful year! This year we had a team of 46 members raising just over $36,000 for the Special Olympics adding to our grand total of approximately $250,000. 

When Colin was born, Chris and I were so scared but we were so lucky because we had a group of friends and family who rallied around us and loved the 3 of us unconditionally.   CAT Crew was "born" that first year when our friend Jorie created a team in honor of Colin.  That team has grown in so many ways as it is filled with family, friends, friends of friends, former students, coworkers, etc. All of these people raised money and jumped into the ocean on a day the ocean temperature was 32 degrees and the air temperature was 27.  These 46 team members, and ALL of the people who made donations, did it for a little boy whose love spread.  In addition, the 6,000+ plungers raised over 1.5 million dollars for the thousands of Special Olympic athletes throughout NJ. 

It's amazing what people can do when they band together and have a lot of determination...

This year's plunge was the coldest and most challenging yet.  There was still snow on the beach and ice chunks down by the water.  The most painful part was actually my feet as I didn't think jumping into the water was that bad.  However, my feet hurt so badly as they warmed back up and as we walked back to the car.  However, there's nothing quite like running down to the water with THOUSANDS of people in support of a cause that directly benefits our child.

I am so thankful for all of the people who WERE CAT Crew and who have continuously SUPPORTED CAT Crew.  We are so lucky and so thankful for the love and support we have been so lucky to receive each year.  Thank you for all that you have done for Colin and all of the Special Olympic athletes.  My heart swells this weekend...

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