Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cody is 5 Months!

I'm sure I've started every post when it comes to Cody with "it's hard to believe", but it is hard to believe that Cody has already been with us for 5 months now. Newborn/baby stages seem to pass by so quickly, especially now that life has taken on the craziness that it has.  
Cody is a happy, relaxed, and loving little baby.  He's on a pretty good schedule now between bottles and food.  We're still working on adding a "dinner" but it is a little bit challenging because he's usually so tired by the time dinner time rolls around.  


He is my first baby who is really not a consistent napper.  On average, he takes a morning and afternoon nap that only last 45 minutes to an hour each.  If we are lucky, we might get a slightly longer stretch for one of the naps, but he has been this way since he's been home with us.  We can't complain too much though because he goes to bed around 6:30pm every night (he started that one) and sleeps until 5:30/6am every day. 

He eats a pretty hearty breakfast of cereal and fruit but much less at dinner and hasn't started a "lunch" yet. 

He is also the first baby of ours who will occasionally try to suck his thumb.  It's hard to tell if that's something that's going to stick, but it seems to be more lately now that we think he's teething.  None of our kids have used a pacifier (we actually tried with Colin but he couldn't suck hard enough and Kailey had no interest).  We didn't bother trying with Cody. 
While he is pretty easy going, he does like the attention and can often be heard whining if he is left alone and not getting the attention he wants.  

There is no denying how much he loves Colin and Kailey and particularly enjoys the attention from them.  He is often heard laughing and cooing at them and they provide him a lot of entertainment. 

While he has rolled over from stomach to back and back to stomach, he does not do this often.  He really despises tummy time and still to this day does last for very long when he's placed on his stomach. 


He really doesn't last that long in most structures when he is home with us because he prefers to be held and played with versus being in a seat or play structure.  


Up until a few weeks ago, he screamed every time he took a bath (I think it was mostly due to being cold).  However now, he is more than happy to take one and laughs and kicks a lot while he is in there.
He is really attracted to technology and as soon as a phone is within his reach, he trying to grab at it or get as close as he can. 
Being the third child, we've had to improvise with him at times when he's not the only one that needs something.  The toughest time of the day is between when we get home (4:30ish) and when he goes to bed (but mostly until he has the last bottle around 5:30pm).  This is very challenging because that's the time I also need to be making dinner and unpacking everyone's bags from the day.  While I was making dinner the other day, I set up a mat on the floor in the kitchen, propped up a blanket, and figured out how to give him the bottle he couldn't wait for while I made dinner.  
We just love Cody so much and love the personality and love he brings to our home.  He has the most kissable cheeks and gives the best smiles to everyone...we can't wait to see what the next month brings!



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