Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Colin's Karate Progress

In late fall, Chris and I decided to sign Colin up for Karate after contemplating it for quite awhile.  Colin had tried it once at the daycare last year and so it had always been on the back of our minds.  When the challenges started at school, we thought it would be worth trying as an alternative to working on following directions and discipline as well as the natural benefits of exercise.  Colin picked it up very quickly and was very interested.  After discussing it with Colin's instructor, we all thought it would be best to do private lessons for awhile so that Colin could learn the gist before being in a class. 

Colin has had a group of really great instructors who all have the same background but slightly different styles when they work with him.  It has been good for him to work with all 3 as it allows him to adjust to the differences before going to a class.  He has two 30 minute sessions a week and has been working really hard.  Occasionally, some behaviors will pop up but they tend to be more silliness type behaviors than anything else.  Most of the time he is easy to get back into focus again quickly and other times it takes a little bit more creativity and patience to do that. 
After about two months, Colin's main teacher thought he was ready to test for his half yellow belt so that's what he did on Thursday and we are proud to say that he successfully completed the test and earned the new belt!  It was so neat to see him make this progress and then accomplish the first goal. 

We are so thankful that we have found a place that is supportive, patient and creative when it comes to working with Colin and are open to the challenge.  They are tough but kind and work him hard during every session.  They know he can accomplish the same things the other kids do, even if it takes him longer to do so. 

Below you will find a video of the test.  It took place at the end of the session so I don't think he performed some of the moves as well as he has but he knew all of them when asked which was exciting to see.  We are SO PROUD of Colin and his positive progress!

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