Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Healing Powers of Fresh Air

Last weekend we saw the start of our first real stretch of warmer weather this spring and it felt fantastic.  It's amazing how good fresh air is for the soul and even as the weather has been changing, I have seen a nice change in my kids' overall demeanors lately.  We decided to take the kids to the beach even though it's always a bit cooler as you get closer to the ocean because the kids had some new sand toys and we figured the salty sea air would just add to the medicine we so desperately needed.  

The sun was actually warm enough to take our shoes and socks off and dip our feet into the sand for the very first time this year.  The one that started that trend was Colin himself!

I really don't want to "jinx" it too much by saying this, but we have seen a really nice shift lately in Colin's overall behavior and demeanor and we have been getting a lot of nice positive reports on it from both schools in how well he has been doing. That's not to say there haven't been some comments here and there (I think today's note mentioned that he was "tapping friend's faces but got it together" which I can actually picture how he likes to be silly with that sometimes).  He has been doing well with transitions and his speech therapist sent home a note and an email this week that said when it was his turn to go to speech the other day, he said "oh man" but got up and went with her.  Typically, if he is in a preferred activity, this can be very difficult.  She even commented how it's hard to tell some days why he can be so compliant while other days the very same thing can be a challenge. 


 Chris and I talk about this very same thing at times and even though we go through these really positive times, we continue to reinforce the behaviors and the things that can cause difficult for him.  I truly believe, however, that the end of this really long winter brought a little slump for both kids that legitimately affected their moods and behavior. In NO way am I making an excuse, but now that we are getting outside a lot more we definitely see a big difference. 

We have also been seeing a really nice trend in how the kids are playing together overall.  Colin has always had some difficulties with initiating appropriate play with his peers so we really hope that as he continues to make really big strides at home, this will translate to school as well.  

We had a really great 1st day at the beach and are looking forward to many more still yet to come!

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