Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Last weekend we celebrated both kids' birthdays with a family/friend party at our house.  Now that the kids understand birthdays, they were both talking about it nonstop leading up to the day and even when some of the preparations started to go up, they grew even more excited.  
We are extremely grateful for the friends and family that we have in our life as they were extremely generous in celebrating Kailey turning 3 and Colin turning 5 (yikes, in just 2 weeks!).  Even more important for us is the fact that we are all together and that means more than anything.  

One thing that I do find interesting about our kids is the fact that after so much stimulation and celebrating, they do need their down time as well.  At one point, both Colin and Kailey were missing and were found in their own bedrooms sitting there reading books.  I guess they just needed to take a break.  

So far we have only truly celebrated Kaiiley's actual birthday, but one thing that I have been pleasantly surprised about is the fact that the kids get it when it's just one of their birthdays.  Although they both got gifts at the joint party, they both understand when it's not about them and are willing to forgo the spotlight to celebrate the other.  

We had a great time!  Happy Birthday to Kailey and Colin!

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Jenny said...

Oh wow, Kailey looks so grown up! Your kids are beautiful Kelli...And I can't believe Colin is turning Five soon!