Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Birthday Fun!

This year we decided to try a "friend" birthday party at an outside location.  After one of our numerous ice cream store visits, we learned that they host birthday parties and decided to give it a whirl since our kids love ice cream so much.  We figured it was a bigger year for Colin turning 5 and would be fun to try. 

We told the kids about it pretty far in advance to it was a hot topic in our house.  By the time the day actually got there, they were so excited and couldn't wait.  
The ice cream shop gave them the "special treatment" as their names were up on the sign when we pulled up.  
As can be expected with a group of 3-5 year olds, it was a little chaotic at the beginning of the party as they greeted their friends and then ran around together. 


Once we got them all settled, our "guy" for the day split the kids into two groups and gave them a tour of the back of the ice cream store and took them to see how where they store the ice cream and how it gets made.  
They even give the kids a little sample to try right out of the machine (which actually tastes the best then!).  

When the tour was over, the kids had pizza and then were served their own selection of ice cream which they were able to decorate with lots of different topping choices (I think they enjoyed that the best!).


 Overall, we had a really great time and the kids really enjoyed themselves!  It was definitely an experience!  Thanks to all of Colin and Kailey's friends for making it so much fun (and for all of the great gifts too!).  


And as always, thanks to Jorie for her photos! 

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