Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Baseball Season

When you have a spouse who works in Athletics, your life is sort of lived in seasons.  In our house because of Chris' job, we go from soccer season to basketball, lacrosse (that's a new one that was added) to finally baseball season.  Both of our kids have been raised so far in this atmosphere and both have adopted the 'love for the game' that Chris has to be doing his job.  In the spring and summer, Chris works an "extra" job at the local minor league baseball stadium that he has been doing for over 10 years now.  The kids have really taken a liking to visiting Daddy while he's working there and they are now at an age where it is "easier" (a very loose word to use) to bring them as they are following directions and really enjoying themselves.  The nice thing is that since it's essentially down the road, I can go for a little bit, get a little dessert, walk around and watch the game, and then head home as its nearing bedtime.  

Since the team started this spring, we have gone to two games and the kids are loving it. 

Just like she did with basketball, the first thing Kailey says when she walks into the stadium is "Mommy, can I have my popcorn please?". 

For the first game this year, I brought the wagon to get them into the stadium and to "control" them when I was concerned that they weren't listening.  However, they actually proved me wrong in showing me that they are REALLY good listeners and the wagon became more of a nuisance than the original purpose.  The second game I went sans wagon and it actually went REALLY well.  In order to walk through the parking lot, they must hold my hand and then they have a tiny bit more freedom once inside.  However, in busy areas of the concourse they have to stay with me and hold my hands. 

It's nice to have a local alternative for the summer AND to be able to hang out and visit Daddy!

Plus we even get some "special" privileges  as Daddy works up in the press box/production room. 

Looking forward to enjoying this season with the kids!