Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yay! We're Going to "Da" Beach!

One of the best things about having two young children is the fact that everything is so fantastic to them.  Their reactions lately to everything have been priceless and it makes you wish that you could carry that kind of enthusiasm with you always, even as an adult.  I think the regular "toppers" for Colin and Kailey this summer have been the beach, the boardwalk (with rides) and ice cream (aka special treat).  Pulling up to any of these locations and you are bound to get hands up in the air and lots of "wooo wooos" going on.  It looks a little something like this....

...but MUCH more animated.  

Whenever we start up the road to the beach block, Kailey starts screaming..."look mom! "da" beach! "da" beach!".  

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