Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10 Years

Yesterday, Chris and I marked 10 years together.  The date is pretty significant for us because from that first  night, we have been together ever since.  At the time, a mutual friend of ours' band was playing out at a local bar.  I ran into Chris at our athletic department meeting and asked if he was going (we had only actually met a few times at that point).  He hadn't planned on it, but we met there anyway, and had a lot of fun (I can still remember what he was wearing/what he looked like when I walked in that night).  That was the start of many years of laughter, tears, and lots of love.

It's funny when you take a few minutes to go back through your life with someone through pictures.  We are missing a whole years worth of pictures (our first year was pre-digital for me), we have a whole lot of selfies, concerts, baseball games, bars, engagement, wedding, babies, family....

...I am so grateful to be on this crazy ride called life with you Chris! I love you more than words can say!

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