Thursday, August 22, 2013


Today was a really, really good day (I am streaming happy tears just writing that!).  We made it to the grocery store for a quick shop and both kids stayed dry.  We ended up staying home most of the day by my choice because now that they are starting to do well I am afraid of regressing because I couldn't get them to a potty in time.  Kailey pretty much tells me every time but is still afraid of dropping #2 into the potty so she's had a few accidents with that.  

Just after lunch time, Chris had texted me to check in to see how they (and probably more me) were doing.  I had just finished saying how they were doing pretty well when Colin TOLD me he had to go, stayed dry, and we made it to the potty in time.  I started screaming and yelling and jumping up and down with happy tears when he smiled but then looked at me and said "mom, sssh, stop, be quiet".  I had to laugh...

The rest of the day went just about as smoothly!  He literally went HOURS in between each time he had to go, but told me every other time he had to go today except one and that was way past bedtime because we had been spending time with friends.  In fact, even with our friends here, he still came and got me to tell me he had to go potty.  I just couldn't believe it.  

Because I was riding on the high of the successes today, I let them both pick a prize from a prize bag that I had created.  They were super excited and as I opened the bag for Colin he started rummaging through and said, "hmmm, let's see".  

For him, giving some of the control back was really  key.  I bugged him just about every 10 minutes all day long but with a mixture of reminders and asking if he had to go.  I would praise him for being dry but I didn't make him go when I noticed a little bit that was leaking.  I realized that those times are not true signs that he has to go, so I simply remind me and then wait for him to tell me when he's ready.  

I also think that the consistency was really key.  For 5 straight days, we have been doing the exact same thing every day.  Because of this, it is really starting to click with him and I am so proud that I feel like I am bursting at the seams!

We also decided to put both of the kids in pullups for the night but in combination with the same routine we had started.  I really don't think they are quite ready to be fully trained at night and it's getting quite exhausting changing the sheets so many times.  We will continue to put them on the potty before we go to bed and first thing in the morning, but there are so many times that they wet the bed without ever waking up.  I started calling them nighttime underwear and so far neither of them have addressed them as pullups.  

I am really dying to go to the beach but am feeling hesitant because I really don't want to break out of this schedule that we have going so far.  I am hoping that I can find a portable potty that both like to keep in the car and then if one says they have to go, park close enough that I can rush them back to the car to try.  

We're getting there!

And just for something fun....what is cuter than a little boy dancing in his underwear??  The funniest part is between 45 seconds and 1 minute.  


Terasa said...

Amazing news! Good job, Mama. As I made it through this, Ari tells me she has to go potty, but by the time I got her there, she already wet her diaper. I think she is almost ready, I'm thinking Thanksgiving break will be a good time to do it. Thanks for so much inspiration

Diane Hill said...

Awesome! Good job to everyone! Love love love the dancing video. The boy has got some moves! ;)

Becca said...

That's AWESOME!!!!!!! I know how you feel about keeping the consistency wherever you go, and remember the fear of going anywhere lest I break the new (successful) routine and discourage her. I got a portable potty to keep in the car (from Target or Walmart), and it was such a relief (no pun intended!) to know that we could run back to the car and she could still pee in a potty by the side of the road. :-) Keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Well done mama!!! I going to keep on trying with Cody :-)

Rochelle said...

YAY for a great day! Glad you made the decision to not worry about the nighttime for now. That usually comes later for all kids. Hope you get some rest at night to be ready to take on the day's adventures.

Rochelle said...

YAY for a great day! Glad you made the decision to not worry about the nighttime for now. That usually comes later for all kids. Hope you get some rest at night to be ready to take on the day's adventures.

ch said...

Lord, have mercy. You already knew I was partial to that boy's green undies...and then those moves on top of it? I clapped out loud when he air punched to the beat. STUD.

And, the more I see him, the more I'm starting to think Jace looks like a cartoon Colin after an anvil is dropped on his head. Colin is so long and lanky!!! And Jace is becoming quite a little toad.