Monday, August 19, 2013

Potty Training Boot Camp Day 2

Potty Training Boot Camp Day 2 started off promising but I didn't feel so great about it later on in the day.  While I didn't get much sleep (Chris was away for work) because I was up listening for sounds that indicated they had to go AND because I was cleaning up accidents and changing sheets, I felt that the night went relatively well.  The 3 Day Potty Training Method says for night time training to put them on the potty an hour after they go to bed (which I did but neither went) however tonight I am going to try it when I go to bed which is several hours later.  I had just fallen asleep and checked on them at 1:30 am (they were both dry) when Colin came walking in at 1:50 wet.  I put him on the potty and he went and was more than happy to put a sticker on the chart at that time.  We changed the sheets and he went right back to sleep.  I heard Kailey around 2:30 so I rushed in there just as she had started to go and got her onto the potty to finish.  I still had to change her sheets but it wasn't as wet.  

I had set my alarm for 5:30am, which is approximately an hour before Colin gets up on a regular basis, and stupidly ignored it.  Colin started calling out at 6:15ish and when I went in there, he was sitting on the end of his bed soaking wet.  He still managed to go on the potty as well and was still happy.  I woke Kailey up shortly after and she was dry!  She also went when I put her on.  

Afterwards, I had them collect all of the dirty underwear and sheets and help me put them into the washer to clean them up.  

They were more than happy to oblige so I was actually excited for the day even though I was exhausted.

After watching some shows, we played some games on the floor and everyone was really happy and silly.  I caught them both at the start of accidents and both were willing to go.  

Just as it happened yesterday, mid-late morning was when things started to go downhill pretty quickly for Colin.  When I caught him starting to go and rushed him a little bit later, he started crying and not wanting to sit.  The method says not to force them or leave them on there if they aren't going, so I remained positive and let him get off.  Well, he obviously  hadn't finished so he'd get back to the family room, start going, and I would rush him back to the bathroom.  Because I kept interrupting his preferred task, the crying became harder and harder and the screaming of "I don't want" got louder and louder with each time (this "one" pee took about 10-15 pairs of underwear...literally).  Accidents are part of the learning process according to the method.  

Kailey is willing to go when you scoop her up and rush her there when you catch her, but she gets this nervous face and if you use the word accident (which you are supposed to do), she starts to get upset/pretend cry.  I reassure her and tell her it's ok (especially since she went almost every single time on the potty today).  

I tried to fill the day with different activities but with Colin especially, most of those are short lived.  The easiest thing to keep their attention for longer periods of time is to watch Finding Nemo or Beauty and the Beast but even then, I'm still following Colin around to watch for the start of an accident.  Believe me, it gets old after awhile.  

I tried painting shells with them but Colin just put the paint in his mouth and didn't actually paint the shell so that lasted all of about 2 minutes (Kailey loved it though).  

Kailey has taken a nap the past 2 days and both times stayed dry throughout (about an hour nap).  During the 2 minutes that I was putting Kailey in for her nap, Colin was in my room and when I came out, he walked up to me and said he was wet as he was going.  The rest of the day, I counted down hours to bedtime while I trailed them around the house constantly checking for accidents.  I would definitely recommend underwear that is a solid color to spot the beginning of an accident more easily. Although the themed underwear is adorable, it is really hard to just spot the start of wetness without constantly checking in other ways (REALLY aggravates them).  I LOVE mealtimes so that I can just sit there next them and have them in one place to check on them.  

During Colin's mopier times, he was constantly trying to move away from me every time I got close.  That actually made me laugh.  

The late afternoon to early evening is better but by that point, Colin is overtired from a lack of nap (and so am I).  By that point, the crying is minimal when I bring him to the bathroom and he is accepting of praise again.  

Overall, day 2 has been really, really rough.  There have been LOTS of accidents and even though it is part of the learning process it is really frustrating.  Colin's crying is really tough but I am still positive with him. There were many parts today that I felt as though it isn't going to happen in just three days but I will remain positive and hope for the best by bed time tomorrow.  To be honest, just being inside for 2 whole days so far has been really difficult.  However, I am afraid to do too much outside because that is really a preferred task and then it will be really hard to watch both of them for accidents.  If I had to do it all over again, I am not sure that I would choose to do both at the same time again.  I am glad to do it for now but it is definitely a challenge.  

And even with all of the difficulties, at the end of the day, I tucked Colin into bed and he said to me "potty Mommy?".  So, we got out of bed, went to the bathroom and he went and excitedly put his sticker on the chart.  I got him all tucked back in again, left the room and heard "Mommy?".  I went back in and he asked to go again so I took him, he went, and put his sticker on.  The whole thing happened one more time where he asked to go potty and then stayed in bed.  I had to laugh because the only time he asked to go was when he was all tucked in.  Silly boy.  

I honestly think that Kailey will be close to done if not done by tomorrow night.  I do think that Colin is not always fully aware that he is going but I also think he is exercising some control because a lot of times I'll just notice a small wet spot and nothing more and he will finish on the potty.  We'll see what day 3 brings!

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You're doing great Kelli! Hang in there!