Friday, October 19, 2012

31 for 21: Potty Training (19)

Of all of the things I have had to do so far as a parent in the short 3.5 years, I hate strongly dislike potty training the most.  Chris and I decided to wait to start potty training Colin until after the summer (when he was about 3 years and 5 months).  We had briefly introduced a small potty to Colin somewhere around 2.5 but he absolutely hated the thing.  We also decided to wait because he never even said any sort of words to indicate he had to go, or had gone.  And to be quite honest, we really were just avoiding the whole issue.  

We decided to try out a potty seat that went on the toilet when we finally gave in and started. So far, Colin seems to be the most comfortable with that.  Overall, I don't think the process has been that  bad but I don't think we are anywhere near underwear and independence just yet.  

We are at a point right now where Colin will go on the potty as long as we put him there.  We have specific times in the day when he goes at home and then his teachers continue to follow through at school.  It's really interesting to me because Colin's behaviors regarding potty training are completely different in each location. 

At home lately, he will fight and cry and put up a fight getting there, but once he is on it, he will go 99% of the time.  He loves the celebrating and cheering.  At the public school, he has not got once in a month and a half and up until yesterday when I sent in a potty seat (apparently even the toddler toilet was too big) he wouldn't even sit there very long.  At the daycare (which is the most shocking of all), he independently walks into the bathroom, says "bath", gets on the potty and goes all by himself.  

Based on all of my prior experience with accomplishing skills, I know that this will happen but I think I am the most impatient (internally of course) with this one.  He will do it when he is ready, but it's so interesting to me to see so many different things surrounding it every day!


Jenny said...

Oh Lord, potty training was by far the thing I hated the most!!! I am not looking forward to going through it again with Russell. lol

Rochelle said...

He will get there! Slow and steady wins the race!