Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21: Eating Habits Addendum (15)

There were a couple of things about Colin's eating habits that I had wanted to mention and didn't yesterday because I simply forgot about it.  In addition, I had a comment on the blog yesterday that was a question I quickly wanted to address....

Although it is clear that Colin has some "issues" when it comes to eating (I really wish I knew the TRUE issues), we do think that now at this age there are also some behavioral issues that come with meal times.  When we recently had our feeding assessment, the therapist suggested that one of the goals we work towards is simply having Colin "visually" tolerate our table food on the table near him.  Although we are doing nothing else with the food, he cannot handle the food being too close to him.  He knows we aren't going to make him try any, but still doesn't want it near him.  Sometimes this has even been food that he has liked in the past like pancakes or pizza!

Another thing the therapist suggested that we are working on is slowly adding some texture in the form of finely grounded graham cracker to his pudding/yogurt snacks.  We started this at school where he is generally more tolerant of some changes and has been going well so far.  It is only a small amount, but we will slowly increase through time with the hopes that he will tolerate some of this increased texture.  

One of the questions that I was asked yesterday was regarding the Stage 3 baby food.  Before we had heard any of the "research" surrounding this type of food, we felt that there was something "up" with the fact that Colin didn't have any interest.  Although I haven't specifically read any of these articles (I am in the process of seeking some of these out), several of our therapists spoke to us about having come across this research in their studies.  Some of the research that stage 3 baby food is too confusing for babies and had even recommended skipping it altogether.  The research says that babies are generally used to the purees and then you add in lumps to it which can confuse the taste buds of the kids.  We noticed significant changes in feeding when we introduced this food.  It was suggested that we instead, skip right to table food.  If anyone has seen research like this, can you please lead me in the direction you saw it? As soon as I locate some, I will be sure to share!

We will keep trudging along with the hopes that one day, we will see some progress not only for us, but for Colin!

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Laura said...

All of Bens's therapists and even his pediatrician (who has a son with Ds) told us to skip the stage 3 foods but I don't have any links for the reasons behind that thinking. But I do know that Colin has the best smile ever:)