Friday, October 26, 2012

31 for 21: Friday (26)

So many things are swirling around in my head on this Friday.  I am completely filled with worry over this upcoming Hurricane that is about to hit the coast of NJ on Monday.  It's one thing when it's just you and your husband hunkering down somewhere but throw some little kids into the mix and the anxiety level goes through the roof!  I have as many supplies that will help us as I can, but I also worry about the power going out and the ONLY foods Colin eats are refrigerated.  So, lots to think about and only hope that things are not as bad as they are making it seem.  "Historic proportions" did not feel so encouraging when I read it earlier today.  

Colin's language has really been continuing to improve lately.  There are so many words that are emerging and with time, I know that it will come easier to him.  I just wish sometimes I could understand some of the things he has been trying to say because the poor guy gets so frustrated when we don't know.  

It's hard to believe Down Syndrome awareness month is coming to a close soon! More to come over the last few days (given that I still have an internet connection/power!)!

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FirePhoto23 said...

I know all too well about the food issues and frustration that you all deal with. My son, who just turned 3, has a Sensory Processing Disorder with severe oral aversions and a pretty bad speech delay. We are evacuating for the storm tomorrow and I loathed packing food for him. Gogurt, pureed fruit pouches, and crackers/cookies. Milk and juice. That's it!!! His speech just took off over the last 6 weeks. Has been getting therapy for a little over a year. He use to get so upset when we couldn't understand him. It is a lot better now for me to understand him. But others still have problems... He will get there. :) Some people just don't get what it is like to have a toddler who doesn't/can't eat... I hate it when they say he is being picky!!
Stay safe.....