Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am just 3 days away from spending as much time as I can with my two little beauties (and my big beauty too!) for the whole summer.  Although I will have to work for a few weeks, the schedules aren't as strict and we spend our days in the sun!  I am craving this time as we spend the rest of the 10 months of the year so hectic with every minute of our day scheduled.  It will be fantastic.  

Today, my kids made me smile because....

Kailey thinks it's so funny to tickle your feet and the little voice that goes "teeky teeky teeky" is hysterical.

She is SUCH a girl.  Drama.

...and finally because I had to get a "pre-cut" picture (Colin is FINALLY getting a hair cut tomorrow).  Colin is putting two words together and THAT makes me smile.  Today it was "mom couch" telling me to sit down on the couch.
Our new favorite tunes with the Fresh Beat Band and the dancing that goes with it REALLY makes me smile.  (about half way through, notice colin's attempt at jumping...he has been trying really hard lately!)


Adrienne said...

OMG I love it!! That is too funny! B and C would have so much fun watching the FB together!!

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, he looks too cute trying to jump. I love Colin videos, they are always good for a smile :)

Becca said...

LOVE his dancing!!! Too cute. :-) Looking forward to seeing you guys on Tuesday!! I don't know the address off-hand, but I'll text ya. Pretty easy to find. :-)