Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Funday

To cap off a fun weekend (winery festival and birthday party yesterday), we decided to lay low and hang out "poolside" today.  I am so much a "planner" of getting up and doing things, that sometimes I forget how nice it is to hang out at my own house, especially in the summer.  My mind instantly goes to a beach day when it's nice, but after all of the traveling we did yesterday, we didn't feel like packing everything up to head over to the beach.  Instead, we took out all of the accessories and hung out in our own backyard.  The kids had so much fun!

Colin absolutely LOVES the water.  He will go under, lay there, kick, splash, jump in, roll around and whatever else you can think of in the water.  It's both great and scary that he doesn't have much of a fear when it comes to the water so we will have to be extremely careful this summer, but I like a little boy who loves the water!

Kailey is a bit more hesitant, but she just goes from one thing to the next!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!! 

 After we went inside for awhile and had some lunch, I went back outside with Kailey and my mom and Colin didn't want to come (I think he was still cold from being in the pool ALL morning).  He eventually came out and before I had a chance to get him back in all the swim gear, he just hopped right back in.  Two things to notice in the rest of the pictures; #1 he did not want his sweatshirt off and #2 look at how BIG his regular diaper got in the water.  Hysterical.

Look at that diaper!!


What a great way to cap off the weekend; family, fun and just being happy!


Rochelle said...

What a fun day! He and Dariya could take on some mean waves I am sure of it!

Jenny said...

Colin looks like he is having a blast...And he sure got his money's worth out of that diaper!! LOL