Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Today has been one of those really great days, and it certainly helps that it was Father's Day! The kids are so lucky to have a daddy who will do anything for them and who loves them with his whole heart.  They love you Chris!!

We started out the morning with pancakes in honor of father's day and Colin was really interested while I was making them.  He kept asking for a "ca-cake" over and over again and actually ate a whole one by himself! (First one in many months!).  

We went to church and had lunch there at their celebration Sunday BBQ in which Colin found every possible dirt/mulch pile and completely ruined a really nice pair of pants and then this afternoon, Chris and I both had time to fit in a run (separately of course).  

Tonight, we walked up to the local pizza place (which just happens to be a BYOB) and enjoyed a nice pizza dinner together.  Colin actually picked the cheese off of a slice of pizza and ate it!

The kids were goofballs when we got back (but really cute ones!)...

..and we just capped off a really nice night together.  Love our little family!  Happy Father's day!

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