Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New "Do"

Today I had to take Colin to get fitted for a tux for my brother's wedding that Colin will be in in a few weeks.  That was a debacle because the lady didn't have the information right, Colin had just woken up from a short nap and was CRANKY, he did not want to try on anything and was just tough to handle.  Thankfully, there was a little nook filled with mirrors that provided entertainment while I took care of some other things.  Here is a short snippet from that:

And THEN, I took Colin for a new haircut.  I can honestly say that I was giddy over how cute he looked afterwards and surprisingly, he was so good during all of the buzzing and shaping.  I LOVE the mohawk and I love how handsome he looks with this style.  


Jenny said...

LOVE the haircut, he looks very handsome :)

Laura said...

Colin rocks the mohawk! I should try one on my Colin:)