Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Strike One

Today was a big day for us (or so I thought) when it came to getting answers for Colin.  Chris and Colin headed over to see Dr. Uma regarding this chronic cough and congestion that Colin has been fighting for almost a month now.  I was becoming more and more concerned because I felt as though the cough sounded like a wheeze in the mornings, however, Dr. Uma said it's all upper respiratory and probably related to post nasal drip and mucus.  Colin generally takes an allergy medicine to control this, but she gave a prescription medication that is a bit stronger.  Only problem is, we are running out of food to put the medication in since Colin ISN'T EATING!

Later today, we had an appointment with the ENT doctor (who we love because he is so great at explaining things to us).  

We haven't seen him in a year and I was so desperate for an answer or solution to the feeding problems that I was riding on the fact he was going to tell us that Yes! the tonsils were going to come out and Colin would eat normal again!  

We explained the issues and how we felt that Colin was doing so great with the feeding until he had strep in December.  He agreed that Colin's tonsils are enlarged and then asked if he snores or sounds like he stops breathing (no).  He asked if he gags when eating (no).  He asked if he refuses to eat or gags/throws up when eating solids (well, no, but doesn't EAT solids).  He also had some other questions related to these.  

So, the answer is not the tonsils.  He does think that since his tonsils are large, they will ultimately come out but he doesn't like to do it this young without symptoms that indicate the removal.  

Obviously I do not want to do a surgery now if it is not indicated, but I was really hoping that this would be the solution.  My heart sunk when I learned this was not the answer I was looking for however, this doctor is so great at explaining that I was confident this wasn't the right answer either.

Next stop....gastroenterologist.  Great.


Adrienne said...

Our ent says the same thing. Ugh.

FirePhoto23 said...

I have commented before about my sons feeding issues... He is just like Colin. Except he gags and spits it up or out if I manage to get something in his mouth! We just went to the pedi GI and she said she wanted to rule out constipation as the issue... Put him on Miralax. I know that isn't his problem. The next thing is an endoscopy. As much as I don't want him to be sedated, I think that should have been done first. He had GERD as a newborn up until 20 months old. He is now 28 months old and I think he is still suffering or has damage from it. The not eating is the worst thing for us right now. I know how hard it is and not many people understand.. I really hope you guys get an answer for Colin's issues..

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

so bummed for Colin...it is hard to get a sense of normalcy with eating and have it gone...Maddie has a GI doctor and are having an esophagram today for the same thing you are talking about...Maddie has to stopped eating and she has had strep twice in the last few months...I am not sure if something is stuck or if she became finicky or if it is developmental with being 2 1/2 and having such strong opinions and always moving...best of luck to you all!! I will be thinking of ya! smiles