Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Challenge

As if you could just flip a switch, we have been fighting a new battle since Sunday night...the bed time battle.  It used to not matter if we put Colin to bed at 7 or 8pm, he would crawl right down to his pillow when we put him in bed, say good night and that would be it.  

Well, that has seemed to change since Sunday.  He has been getting out of bed when we put him in, opening his door (which was SO great the first time he did it, but now we could kick ourselves for being excited), and heading back to us in the family room.  We aren't giving in, and we have literally put him back in bed 50+ times over the past 2 nights.  It's torture.  

Tonight, Chris refused to give in and held the door so he couldn't get out.  THIS is what we finally got, but not where we wanted him to be.

Even better, Kailey screams bloody murder until she finally gives in (which is 30+ minutes) for the past 2  nights as well.

This is a battle we did not want to be fighting...


Jenny said...

LOL...I only laugh because I have been through it! I do feel your pain!! What we did with one of our kids was just baby gate their doorway, it was easier than putting her to bed every 2 seconds! It worked great, sure she would take all her clothes off and throw everything she owned over the gate, but eventually she would go to sleep!

I love that the p.j's Colin is wearing are monkeys...So fitting :)

Rochelle said...

Dariya used to stay in bed but now gets out of bed every night still and falls asleep on the floor. I just wait until she is asleep and put her back to bed! I am sure they will decide the bed is more comfy, or at least I hope they do.
Good luck,