Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring is Here!

We have been tasting our first few bouts of spring and absolutely loving the fresh air.  It has felt pretty invigorating to be outside and I know the kids are loving it too.  There are so many changes that are about to happen for us soon with Colin's 3rd birthday quickly approaching.  I often get teary eyed as I pull out of his school now thinking how pretty soon he won't be going there anymore and how everything is going to change!  He has been making a lot of great strides in the communication department and I love hearing his emerging vocabulary.  He tries really hard to enunciate what he is trying to say, it's just that we often can't understand what he is trying to communicate.  When I watch him walk now, I can't believe this was the same kid that was not quite ready to walk just a short while ago!  He just doesn't want to stop!

Kailey is very quickly changing as well.  She is communicating through a few signs these days when it comes to eating and wanting "more".  Although I used to say that she would eat anything, that is changing as well as she is becoming a bit more picky about what she will and will not eat.  She will cruise around all over the place, but hasn't quite gotten the confidence yet to let go and walk on her own.  She sounds like she is asking questions by making her voice inflect when making sounds.  It makes me chuckle.  

We recently spent a lot of time outside, particularly at the beach, and I have a feeling that we are going to have a busy and fun summer in the sand!

Despite the fact that it was a bit chilly, Colin was MORE than ready to head down to the water and if I had let him, I am pretty sure he would have gone right in.  Instead, he settled for sitting and "watching".  

We have also been trying to get out more and more around our house for walks and basically finding ways to tire the kids out!  It seems to be working at night as our bed time challenges have been improving.  (knock on wood!).  

Happy Spring!!

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Jenny said...

Colin is looking so grown up these days!! Kailey looks adorable in that outfit with her little pink boots, I love it :)