Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Travels

Yesterday we left early for our trip down to Raleigh, NC to visit with my brother Tim, his fiance Val, and son CJ.  Both kids had a normal breakfast and we were off to a good start (especially since Colin took a nice poop just as we were about to get in the car, so I thought for sure we were lucky to get that out of the way!).  We made one quick stop so that Chris and I could get some coffee and breakfast and made it to the Maryland House in about 2 hours where we stopped so that the kids could get some lunch.  Both kids were happy and enjoying their lunch, and Chris and I may have commented on how well we were doing far (big no-no).  

Both kids got changed and we got back in the car hoping to drive for hours before having to stop again.  Well, sometime when we got into Virginia (only about 2 hours later), Kailey started stinking up the back seat    so we made a quick pullover at the next rest area which happened to be at a McDonalds and I discovered that she had not only pooped, but it had escaped the diaper, clumped in her pants leg, up the back and was therefore all over.  The bathroom was the smallest, most crowded bathroom ever so I was smushed in a corner while people waited on line to get in one of the 2 stalls while Kailey proceeded to stink up the ENTIRE bathroom.  Gross.

Thankfully Colin was good due to technology and many episodes of Mickey and Baby Signing Time, but Kailey wasn't so happy the last hour.  However, we made it and are relaxing today.  Don't be jealous, but Colin will be hanging with his bud Bennett tomorrow and we will get to see the rest of the Donovan family from Our Unexpected Journey! We are super excited! I can't wait to see the boys play basketball together (or so I can  So much has changed since this visit in July!


Noah's Dad said...

So fun fun! I love the way everyone looks so happy! And he is gripping that spoon like a CHAMP! I can't wait for Noah to do for now he just likes to sling his food everywhere. It's fun. :)

By the, way we also made great use of technology during our last road trip! Makes you wonder what we did when we were kids....oh yah, we argued with your siblings and asked "Are we there yet?" every 7 miles! :)

Hope you guys have a great New Year! Thanks for being such epic parents.

Adrienne said...

Aah, can't wait!! So if your brother is engaged does that mean the wedding will be in Raleigh??? Which would mean another visit in the near future possibly??? See you tomorrow!!