Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This and that

I haven't been the best about updating lately, partially because I am still riding on the high of having Colin doing a little bit of walking and partially because I have been very overwhelmed with other things that I need to get done. We have had some fun and busy weekends lately, and really starting to get in the holiday spirit.

This past weekend, we participated in the Special Olympics of NJ Jingle all the Way 3K race with Colin's Aunt Beth and Uncle Jason. It was really fun and the first one that we participated in. I really enjoy being a part of the Special Olympics now. There are some feelings that I get when we are involved in different things that really make me feel like we are a part of something. I love that Colin is a part of his Young Athlete Program, and I really enjoy watching him move around excitedly from one thing to the next checking everything out when we are there. I ran the race the other day, and shortly before the finish line, Chris gave me Colin and we walked across the finish line together. However, Colin let go of my hands and walked independently across the line into Daddy's waiting arms. How cool?

A photographer got our picture and we ended up in the newspaper! What a great way to represent the Special Olympics by having my little boy walking! To see the picture, click here!

While we were there, Colin saw Santa and at first sighting, was extremely excited to see him. However, after multiple attempts, he was still pretty nervous seeing Santa.

We also put up our tree last night which i just love! Colin was a big helper initially, but since it was getting late, both him and Kailey were not full into participating. Chris and I flashed forward to our potential future when they didn't want to help...lol.

At the very end, Colin did NOT want to take a picture in front of the tree, but Kailey was ok with it!


Jenny said...

So cool that Colin walked across the finish line, what a proud moment! Loved the picture they put in the paper of the two of you!

Nana said...

Happy Holidays you cute kids!! Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

They are so cute Kelli and Chris!