Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm So Lucky!

Every morning I am out of the house by 6:40am to get to work to get some things accomplished before my kids come in.  It's tough for me because most of the time I only get a quick hug and a kiss from all three before walking out the door because they are all only waking up (at best) when I am leave.  We are fortunate that Chris has somewhat of a flexible morning schedule so that he is available to be there for therapy and take the kids to school on his way to work. 

Because I feel like I miss out, Chris is always very good about sending me pictures to work so that when I get a free moment, I can take a look and see what everyone is up to.  Unfortunately, Colin is not feeling well at all, so Chris (thankfully) could stay home with them.  I am so worried about him getting better before Christmas!  He really won't eat much so I am starting to think he has a sore throat.  Fortunately, we already have a trip to the pediatrician planned for Thursday for Kailey's checkup. 

Here's what they have been up to yesterday and today...

Kailey learned from the best how to get in trouble!

This picture said that she was all over the place (I love to hear that one!)

Hi Mommy!

On her way to school yesterday

Hi Mommy again!

Getting into trouble yesterday (still manages to do that even when he isn't feeling well!)
I'm so thankful for ALL that you do Chris!

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Rochelle said...

Love that Chris sends you pics. Jason used to do that when he was at home when Aidan was little it was so sweet!