Monday, December 12, 2011

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months to our beautiful Kailey girl!! So much has been changing with her lately and I feel as though time is just flying by! If you ask anyone, they will tell you she is a really easy going baby, however, she definitely has her moments. Her witching hour is generally any time after 4:30 pm because she doesn't nap during the day. Dinner time can be really rough because of this and she is usually in bed BY 7pm and sound asleep.

Although she is NOT our snuggler, she doesn't like being left along either. She needs a perfect balance because although she loves it when you pick her up and talk to her, she doesn't like being held too long either or else she gets really fussy and tries really hard to get out of your arms. If she is tired, she really doesn't like being rocked to sleep and won't settle in until you put her down in her crib. On Saturday, she had a really rough time trying to nap and it was the ONE time I got a nice hour snuggle with her when she fell asleep in my arms.

Kailey has become really chatty lately and will try to repeat a lot of what you say to her. She is saying Ma-Ma and Da-Da and loves copying you with an "ah!" noise. She will go on and on chatting (or complaining!). She has just become mobile too and we find that she will more easily entertain herself now that she can roll herself around the room or army crawl to what she wants.
She has perfected this "look" that is a mixture of a bashful/what are you looking at look and it's really cute!
We are still waiting for her 2 bottom teeth to come in and she has therefore had a runny nose for over a month! We are still struggling in the feeding department as she is a big gagger. I have been trying lots of different textures and tastes and I am not to successful in getting her off baby food. It's kind of frustrating since we were hoping it would be much easier with this one!

She is a screecher when she is happy and sure does lighten up any room she is in. She still loves her brother so much and they are really starting to play more and more together now. She laughs so hard at him and always tries to be near him. Looking forward to what the next month has to bring with her!

We love you Kailey!!


Adrienne said...

Such a sweetie! My 9 month old niece has that same giraffe! I heard they were the popular baby toy now! Don't get too worked up about the feeding, she's still young. I bet she starts eating those solids real soon.

Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, I cannot believe she is 9 months already!!! Crazy how fast that goes by! Loved the video of her little army crawl in the last post! Before you know it Colin will be running everywhere with Kailey right behind, then you will be on the go 24/7! lol

Nana said...

Happy 9 months!! Love, Nana

Melissa said...

I cannot believe she is 9 months old already! Time just flies by. She's such a doll!