Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Day 1 of Swim Lessons: Disaster

Colin had his first day of swim lessons yesterday for the new year. If you remember from last year on his 1st day , he had a great season of swim lessons. He loved being in the water and when we would get there, he would immediately get excited to get in the pool. This year? Complete and utter disaster.

Unfortunately, we weren't off to a great foot when we walked into the room (it's a bubble) and there was a high school swim team practicing in the pool next to the kiddie pool. All of the sounds echoing in there was way overstimulating (if it was overstimulating for me, I can only imagine what it was like for Colin) and Colin started getting really nervous and clingy. I could not put him down without him holding on for dear life. He seemed to calm down a little bit, and so when Chris tried to get in the pool with him, I had high hopes. I can't say he exactly cried the whole time (and definitely didn't scream), but he had this horrible scared looked on his face the entire time and would not let go of Chris.

For day one I have a couple of theories:
1. Way too overstimulating in there for a kid who is sensitive to really loud noises.
2. The pool was not as warm as it was last year (hence the shivering).
3. I kept comparing it to the bath tub (thinking he would love it because he loves the bath), and I realized that in the bath tub, he is touching the bottom, which must feel really secure. In the pool, not so much.
4. He's a whole year older, new sights and sounds...

So, although I was extremely disappointed (I cried...but there is more to that I will get into another time), I am sure it will get better with time. I just hope it's before the last session!


sjk said...

I totally love your blog and your darling little fellow!Look up,keep trying it will get better!My daughtr has severe sensory issues and anxitey and has more or less screamed the whole 2 yr she been alive,we have been doing little things at home to gear her up for outings and noise.I will even leave the tv running as loud as i can stand it at times just to help her deal better with the noise.maybe you could try taking him during the week when there arent as many school kids just to spend a little time there even if u dont get in? and then just start spending more and more time and maybe sit on the edge with feet in etc then maybe by next class he will be more excited :)

viv said...

oh so sorry Kelli. sending you a cyber hug. Hopefully next lesson will be quieter or do the team practice at that time before every lesson if so it might be good to swap to another day.

Nana said...

Every week will get better!! He is a good boy!! Love, Nana

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

I am so sorry to hear you all had a hard swim lesson! it is so hard to enjoy swimming when the water is a tad cool...but I bet Colin look oh so cute in his swimmies!...smiles

Jennie said...

Oh, Kelli. I know how hard these sensory things can be. Micah went through a two-week stint of screaming and flailing when put into the bathtub. He loves bathtime. But that stage scared me, as I felt that he might drown or hurt himself. We put him in the ducky tub for a couple of weeks. And then he was fine. So apparently, something scared him and he needed to feel safe again.

You two and Colin will figure this out. Just give him some time.