Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Feeding Help Part I

"A bend in the road is not the end in the road...unless you forget to make the turn."
- Author Unknown
I know most of you saw my post last week about being frustrated regarding some things, particularly feeding. As I expected, I have moved on from the "low" I was in and now am in research mode to try and figure this thing out (as we have been doing since the beginning, but pressing forward). I have gotten some great suggestions on reading materials that I have since ordered and my next step is to ask the opinion of the most "wise" out there, those with actual experience in this department. I have read on a lot of your blogs that at some point or other, you have had difficulties (or still are) with feeding and have things that worked best for you and your child. I realize that everything that works for your kids isn't going to work for mine, but hey, I am willing to try anything at this point.
I decided that I am going to come up with a few posts that address some specific issues just to see what kinds of ideas you may have. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have!
Feeding Issue #1: Obvious disdain for anything more solid than say, mush.
I am addressing this issue, although, it is ever so slightly improving. Colin seems to have interest in most things we eat in front of them to the point you can at least get it to his lips (slices of pizza, crackers, chips, pretzels, etc.). However, as soon as he feels something close by that is more firm than mush, he starts blowing raspberries and spitting like crazy. I realize that this is a texture issue and over time it should improve. Occassionally, he will take a cracker and put it in his mouth to take a bite (he loves biting these days with those sharp front teeth), but then spits everything out. I am sure this will eventually change to where he is willing to tolerate more things, but does anyone have any experience with a progression that may help this along?
Feeding Issue #2: Does not want anything other than yogurt milk or milk with ovaltine (but only at dinner).
Yep, he IS picky and that I know. Again, I realize this may be a texture issue because any "thin" liquids he is not interested in keeeping in his mouth. I have tried most juices out there as well as just plain ole' water, but all he does is spray them out. I put a question out there on facebook yesterday and have gotten some great responses in terms of liquids to try which I can't wait to attempt. I worry often about dehydration, but he does have regular wet diapers so I am sure he is getting enough. However, I am afraid of sticking to what is just "comfortable" and getting stuck somewhere that he will only ever drink one specific thing. We have also unintentionally programmed him to expect the yogurt milk in one cup with one straw and milk in another cup with another type of straw to a flaw. We did not have any cups left for the yogurt milk and he thought he was getting regular milk and refused. We actually had to change out the straws so that he would drink the yogurt milk. So, I am playing around with cup choices as well. I am accepting liquid suggestions as well!

So, as i started this post off with a quote, I know this is not the end of the road when it comes to feeding and we need to keep trudging along, but it IS our biggest challenge out there and is frustrating at times (ok, most of the time). However, as any good Mommy and Daddy would do, we just work hard to move forward.


Rochelle said...

Sending you hugs and prayer support. Sorry we haven't dealt with feeding issues so I am no help but wanted you to know we are thinking and praying for you.

ch said...

Oh, Colin...I hope we can learn bunches from you! Jace STILL refuses anything that isn't a stage two baby food and I've YET to see him pick up food and place it into his mouth. Even super delicious goodies like ice cream are absolutely refused. And, God forbid, an unexpected chunk of something enters his mouth. Super gag and barf all over. YIKES. Oh, I hope he's willing to join you for pancakes someday. What a super munching role model you are. xoxo

Erin said...

I'm not sure if this would work or not but we gave Lucas things he could chew on but not eat. Like carrot sticks, celery and his favorite was slim jims. I think it got him used to the idea of more solid foods and taught his tongue lateral movement at the same time. Colin might be too old for this though. We also started with puffs and then moved to crackers and for Lucas it was a matter of finding the right cracker. He loves mini club crackers. They are a little softer and have a big flavor. Lucas definitely feels more comfortable with foods that he can really feel in his mouth, I guess because of the low tone. Maybe the mush gives Colin more input? Maybe warm up his mouth before feedings?

As far as the liquids, does he aspirate at all? Lucas would spit with thin liquids and we figured out he was aspirating and once we started thickening he stopped spitting.

We still have some feeding issues too. Lucas is extremely picky and will not try new foods. It can be very frustrating.