Monday, March 29, 2010

Special Visit

Guess where we went today? We got to go to the Special Olympics of NJ headquarters in Lawrenceville, NJ!!

Because of the Polar Bear Plunge, I was lucky to meet [electronically] Kathy Edenzon, the Young Athlete Program Manager through the Special Olympics of NJ. We have been in touch and today was our chance to finally go out there and meet her, as well as many of the other staff members that I have communicated with as a result of the plunge. We also had the opportunity to meet Mark Edenzon, the President of the Special Olympics of NJ. It was special for me to meet Kathy and Mark as their son also has Down Syndrome.
I will admit that I was a little bit nervous as we arrived and walked in. As soon as I walked in, I got this feeling. There are beautiful displays with lots of pictures of many athletes and proud moments. We got a personalized tour of the facility which is absolutely beautiful (please see the video below!). I had to keep my emotions in check because I was so honored to be there and because I got such a fun glimpse of Colin's future! They have a great workout facility for the atheltes and their families, a beautiful gym, libraries, young athlete playroom, and future turf fields that are soon to be built outside, and more!

Colin was so happy to meet everyone and had lots of smiles to give out! We are still learning a lot about the Special Olympics and can't wait for all of the fun activities that we have in store for us in our future. We got Colin signed up for the Young Athlete Program which involves a great kit of equipment for us to use with Colin as he grows and gets big and strong so that one day he is ready to participate! You can get more information about the Young Athlete Program here including registration forms and more about the program (or from my sidebar on the blog). The kit is such a great way to get your young athlete started!
If you are interested to check out their website, there is so much information that you can get by clicking here.
What a great opportunity! We are excited for what the future holds and for getting to know these wonderful people better!


Jorie said...

Awesome Kel! So happy you guys ALL got to go! Can't wait to hear more about it!

Derek, Kenzee and Gage said...

What a fun time! So happy you enjoyed yourselves!

Kelly said...

So glad you got to make that connection! I'm sure it was an emotional day!! I added the links to my favorites to get more info! Thanks for sharing:)

Leslie said...

Thanks for sharing this information. I can't see where Georgia has the same thing but I am searching the Special Olympics site to see. One thing we have learned is that you can't ever get started too early. Good for you for getting so involved!!

Natalia said...

This is awesome, Kel!!!! :)