Monday, March 15, 2010

Proceed with Caution

One thing that we learned from Colin pretty early on was that when he didn't like something, doing the "raspberries" was his way of showing it.

You can imagine our frustration when every. single. food. that Colin tried and didn't like, he would do the raspberries to spit them out. We went through a period where every single meal was spent cleaning up Colin, the high chair, ourselves, and the surrounding area with food that Colin didn't like.

We tried everything...mixing foods with applesauce, trying adult food mixed up in the food processor, letting him play with food...anything to get our little boy to eat. He slowly started to get past the flavors and then we tried transitioning into foods that had some "chunk" to it. That started the raspberries up again...yikes! We were/have been frustrated!

We are tiptoeing very quietly around this issue, but Colin is starting to eat foods with chunk! The raspberries have been pretty dormant lately [gasp! I said it!] and we are very happy about this. I have noticed that if Colin eats a smooth food with the same kind of chunk, he usually eats it without complaint. Tonight, I tried a food that had different types of veggie chunks in it and he wasn't very happy with it. I have been chopping up different fruits and mixing them in with his fruit "snack" at school and he is doing so much better! It's a slow process, but we are getting there!

One thing that Colin was also not interested in for a long time was using a straw. We kept trying, and had even given it a break for awhile, but Colin just wasn't interested. We have noticed that Colin has been very interested in our glasses when we are drinking milk with dinner. We have occassionally been letting him try it and he loves it. One day I broke out the honey bear cup again and with only squeezing the belly once for him, he started sucking up the straw! He still hasn't coordinated sucking up the milk and then swallowing it, but one step at a time! We are so proud of Colin!


Kelly said...

Woohoo, Colin, way to go!! Kelli, do you have any tricks up your sleeve in getting Colin to adjust to "chunks"? Help.....I need it...Landon still has trouble in that area:( We are currently working on the honey bear with Landon too, funny, he rather drink water from my open cup????!!! Huh?!

amy jupin said...

yipee colin! keep the straws comin--next thing will be star wars cups! :)